Application Deadline: September 7, 2012
We are pleased to announce the competition for the Hubert H. Humphrey Fellowship program. The Hubert. H. Humphrey Fellowship Program is a Fulbright Program that brings accomplished mid-career professionals with demonstrated leadership potential to the United States for a year of graduate level non degree academic coursework and professional development activities. By providing future leaders and policy makers with experience in U.S. society, culture, and professional fields, the program provides a basis for lasting, productive ties between Americans and their professional counterparts overseas. For the 2013 academic year, MACEE will recruit up to three (3) outstanding candidates.
A Fellow’s professional-development plan may include professional visits, conferences, and a professional affiliation (work attachment) which must be at least six weeks in duration. Early in the academic year, each Fellow develops, with assistance from the local campus coordinator and faculty advisors, a plan for professional activities carefully geared to the Fellow’s need for relevant, practical professional experiences.

Fellowships are granted competitively in the following fields:
1. agricultural development/agricultural economics,
2. communications/journalism,
3. economic development/finance and banking,
4. educational administration, planning and policy,
5. HIV/AIDS policy and prevention,
6. human resource management,
7. law and human rights,
8. natural resources and environmental management,
9. public health policy and management,
10. public policy analysis and public administration,
11. substance abuse education, treatment and prevention,
12. teaching of English as a foreign language,
13. technology policy and management,
14. trafficking in persons, policy and prevention,
15. urban and regional planning
The university programs do not address themselves to the scientific of technical aspects of these fields, but rather to the broad policy-making and problem-solving issues. Emphasis is placed on practical knowledge that will be directly useful to fellows upon return to their countries. 

Applicant must be Malaysian citizens. Humphrey Program is designed to strengthen the leadership skills of men and women who will make contributions to their communities as well as their professional fields. Humphrey Fellowship nominees should be individuals working in either the public or private sector with demonstrated leadership ability and a commitment to public service and have assurances of reemployment upon their return home. Applicants should be at a level in their careers at which they will receive maximum benefit from a year's study in the United States, limited or no prior experience in the United States and have strong English skills.
Prospective fellows should have a minimum of five years of professional experience prior to August 2012 and should be interested in policies pertaining to their fields of specialization.
In addition:
• Candidates should be in good health.
• Must have completed a university degree program requiring at least four years of full-time study in order to qualify for admission to U.S. programs of graduate study.
• Candidates must be willing to share their knowledge of Malaysia with social, civic and other groups while in the United States.
• Candidates should be proficient in both written and spoken English and should have a minimum Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) score of 525 paper-based or 71 iBT.
• Candidates should have both the need to participate in the program and the potential to benefit from it. Should demonstrate the required experience, skills, and commitment while also indicating how they can benefit from this program in ways that they have not experienced previously and are not likely to experience without the Humphrey Program.
• Candidates should realize that they have a commitment to return home after their Fellowship for at least two years to use the skills and knowledge they have acquired to assist the community and the country.
• Be physically present in Malaysia at the time of the interview

The The Humphrey Fellowship provides for international travel, tuition and fees, books and monthly maintenance stipend for one academic year. Limited funds are available for professional development enrichment activities such as attendance at conferences and field trips, and subsidy for computer purchase. Most grants are for full funding. Cost sharing by a candidate's employer/home institution is encouraged, as this will enable MACEE to offer program funding to additional deserving applicants. The Humphrey Fellowship stipend is not sufficient to support anyone in addition to the grantee. Awards does not include an additional allowance for dependents.
Applicants must complete an on-line application HERE and submit the hard copies to MACEE.
The application set must be accompanied by :
a) Completed 5-page application and 4 photocopies of the original application
b) Recent passport size photos attached to each application
c) Certified true copy of university transcripts
d) Copies of Toefl / IELTS score
e) Recommendation letters in sealed envelope ( if not submitted online)
Please forward applications to MACEE, Hubert H. Humphrey Fellowship Program, 18th Floor Menara Yayasan Tun Razak, 200 Jalan Bukit Bintang, 55100 Kuala Lumpur by September 7, 2012. For further inquiry, please e-mail

Applicants from government agencies are required to submit their completed applications through their Head of Department.

Application Period : April 1, 2012 – September 7, 2012
Printed copy of completed applications must be received at the MACEE on or before September September 7, 2012.
Tentative interview mid September, 2012.
Grantees are expected to begin their fellowships in the U.S. in August 2013.