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The Fairview IB Diploma Scholarship 2013

The Fairview IB Diploma Scholarship 2013
Scholarship Info
  • Fairview International School (KL) is offering scholarships for its International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme starting June 2013. Aimed at deserving high achievers, places are limited so apply as soon as you can!
  • Students select 6 subjects from the list below, one in each group and thereafter decide which subjects to pursue of which 3 are at a higher and 3 are at a standard level.

  • Applicants are advised to have a minimum of 6 As in SPM or ‘O’ levels before applying. Other attributes sought after are passion, drive, discipline, diligence, adaptability, leadership, social & personal maturity and a desire to achieve something great.

Preferred discipline Fairview International School’s IB Diploma Programme is open for application to its June 2013 IB Diploma Intake. The range of subjects is as follows:  
  • Group 1 : English (Literature), English (Language and Literature), Malay, Mandarin
  • Group 2 : Language B: Mandarin, Malay, English
  • Ab Initio : Spanish, Mandarin
  • Group 3 : Business and Management, Economics, Psychology
  • Group 4 : Biology, Physics, Chemistry
  • Group 5 : Maths, Mathematical Studies
  • Group 6 : Visual Arts, Theatre, Film (Note students can opt to take an additional Group 3 or 4 subject in lieu of a group 6 subject.)

  •  Up to RM92,400* 

How to apply
  • To apply, please fill out the online enquiry form which you can download HERE
  • Prepare accompanying documents (like CV, trial result, testimonials, personal statement, evidence of financial viability, ECA record and additional recommendations/certificates) in a digital format for uploading.
  • If applying to scholarship, ensure you have the correct boxes ticked and prepare a cover letter indicating your request to be considered for Fairview Foundation Scholarship
  • Fill up application form online.
  • Potential candidates will be informed of eligibility by email 
  • The selection and interview for The Fairview IB Diploma Scholarship 2013 will be held from 18th January 2013 & 19th January 2013.

Contact Info
  • If you have any questions/queries, email Or call Fairview International School at +60341420888.

Deadline 14 January 2013