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Penang Future Faundation Scholarship 2018

Scholarship details

Penang Future Foundation (“PFF”) started in 2015 as the Penang State Government’s initiative to aid outstanding and deserving Malaysian youths to pursue tertiary studies in public/private universities in Malaysia. With valuable contribution from the private sector and donors, especially the Penang Turf Club who recognize the importance of education and the need to retain local talents, PFF has awarded approximately 300 scholarships over the last 3 years. Selected scholars come from a diverse range of backgrounds and are enrolled in fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, Accountancy and Finance.


Applicant must meet all the below requirements
  • Minimum CGPA of 3.00 in STPM/ Foundation/ Matriculation/ Diploma/ UEC & equivalent; OR
  • Currently pursuing undergraduate course in Malaysia IPT with minimum CGPA of 3.00; and
  • Household income not more than RM 5,000 per month (equivalent to RM 60,000 annualized); and
  • *Parents’ 2 years tax return/ BE Form must be attached*
  • Malaysian 25 years or younger; and
  • Entering/ Currently pursuing full time first undergraduate Degree (fully accredited by MQA) in Malaysia

  • Penangite or studied in Penang
  • Academic Achievements
  • Good cognitive skills ie: leadership, communication, teamwork
  • Recipient of state/ national/ international level prize/award; both academic and non-academic

Preferred Discipline

MQA fully-accredited courses in Science*, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics (STEM) and Accountancy/ Finance
*Exclude Medicine
  • Accounting
  • Applied Sciences
  • Banking and Finance
  • Engineering
  • Mathematics & Actuarial Science


How to apply for PFF Scholarship 2018 (Mutiara Scholar)

Service Bond
  • To work in any organization of own choice (private OR public sector) in Penang
  • Bond Period calculated based on the value of Tuition Fee AND Living Allowance sponsored; one year of service for every RM 20,000.
  • Minimum one year service bond, maximum of EIGHT years.
Tuition Fee AND Living Allowance Sponsored         Service Bond
Less or equal to RM 20,000                                        1 Year
> RM 20,000 – RM 40,000                                        2 Years
> RM 40,000 – RM 60,000                                        3 Years
> RM 60,000 – RM 80,000                                        4 Years
> RM 80,000 – RM 100,000                                       5 Years
> RM 100,000 – RM 120,000                                       6 Years
> RM 120,000 – RM 140,000                                       7 Years
> RM 140,000 – RM 160,000                                       8 Years

Bond is served by period of actual employment in Penang.
Submit application and supporting documents via online only. Applications open on June 1, 2018.

Contact Info

For more information, please contact:
IB II 2.03, Level 2 Komtar,
10000, Georgetown,
Penang, Malaysia.Contact No:
04-250 2170