Selangor State Education Loan

Scholarship details

The Selangor Education Loan is a loan without interest specifically for those staying in Selangor who are studying full-time in Certificate, Diploma and Degree level for the first time in public and private universities in the country.


Applicant must meet all the below requirements
Applicants must be from Selangor who fulfills all the criteria below:1. Place of Birth
  • Applicants are born in Selangor; OR
  • Father or mother is/are born in Selangor; OR
  • Applicant’s who have resided in Selangor for more than 5 years with approval from ADUN / Penghulu / Head of JKKK / Village Head.
*Preference is given to Selangor citizens.
2. Level of Study
Applicants who have registered to continue their full-time studies only (distance learning / part-time (PLK) / A-Levels / O-Levels / professional certificates / students from vocational colleges around the country are not eligible to apply)
3. Sponsorship
Only applicants who have not received any sponsorships from other providers are eligible to apply. Students who have received any form of sponsorship (loan/scholarships) for example PTPTN, JPA, MARA, etc. are not eligible to apply.
4. Academic qualification
Applicants with good academic results will be prioritised
5. Year of Study
Applicants must not be in their final year of studies / have extended their studies
*Please check the complete requirements here

Preferred Discipline

  • All courses
Amount Info
Degree in Medicine (Medicine, Surgery, Dentistry, Veterinary)RM 7,000
DegreeRM 6,500
DiplomaRM 4,900
CertificateRM 4,000

How to apply for Selangor State Education Loan

  • Register and apply online here 
*Please check your results 2 weeks from the closing date.